The Launch Featured

If you click the Book link at the top of our site, you’ll find information about The Launch, a novel by Mark featuring comics by Mark and Tim and spectacular cover art by Tim. The book isĀ featured today on the literary site CommuterLit. You can read the first chapter here:

Screenshot 2016-01-08 07.41.01

New Book on the Way!

Launch Teaser.png

There’s a new book coming soon from Hanton House Creative Media that we’re pretty excited about here at L&Y headquarters. Featuring words by Young and comic strips by Levins and Young, it promises to bring the funny in a big way. Please join the Thunderclap to help us spread the word.


That’s them all shiny and new out of the box. We’ll be running some giveaways as well as getting advance review copies into the hands of reviewers soon. Tim’s copy is in the mail (but don’t tell him that or you’ll spoil the surprise). Sample chapter now available as well as teaser vid fromĀ Mark’s YouTube channel below.