Sunday best – A Tale of Joe

Dex on a stroll through Gotham City.

Dex on a stroll through Gotham City.

It’s Sunday again, so no black and white strip today, but check out the full colour splash page we have to offer instead! (Click the image to “biggerize” it to its glorious full size – special thanks to Dan Piraro for the use of his word today).

Those of you who have perused our About page will know that Tim went on to bigger and better things after we shut down Rivertown News. One of the projects for which he is best known is Batman: Gotham Adventures.

In issue number 41, he needed a character who was making bad choices and in need of help from the Batman to prevent him from going down a bad path. Tim had some fun dusting off our character and reshaping him for this part in the issue.

You can see Dex’s trademark vest and goatee are present, but the scarf might have added too much artistic flair for the needs of this character, so he left it out. And that’s how Dex became Joe in an alternate universe.

Happy Sunday and thanks for reading!