The First Strip

RN cover.jpegTim and I met while working at the Public Library in the early ’90s and discovered a common interest in comics, not to mention ST:TNG. We struck up a friendship and began working on a comic strip together in the hopes of having it syndicated. I wrote and Tim drew them and while we were waiting for super-stardom in the world of newspapers, we sold it to the local entertainment weekly paper in London, Canada, called Scene Magazine.

The strip was called Rivertown News, a loosely self-referential narrative about an artist who publishes a strip in the eponymous local entertainment weekly (cover inset) in the town where he lives. The comics center on cartoonist Dex, his best friend Brendan, girlfriend Andrea, Dex’s parents, and the whole Gen X scene that was going on the late ’80s and early ’90s. It’s fun to look back on them now and really dig into those dated references. 🙂