LevinsAndYoung.com is the online home for the Comics Projects of Tim Levins and Mark Victor Young.

Bio_photo_smallTim Levins – Tim Levins studied Fine Art and Classical Animation before breaking into the comic book business in the mid-1990s. Tim is best known for his work on the Eisner Award-winning DC Comics series, Batman: Gotham Adventures. Over the years, he has illustrated many other titles for DC, Marvel Comics, and Archie Comics, and has recently drawn several children’s books published by Capstone Press. Visit Tim’s DeviantArt page for other examples of his work.

MVY sketch photoMark Victor Young – Husband, father, writer – Happily married since 1992 and a father since 2003, Mark has been a writer for as long as he can remember. He was born in Toronto and grew up in London, Canada. He was the first winner of the Lillian Kroll Prize for Creative Writing at Western University, where he also completed a degree in English Literature. He has published novels, poetry, short fiction, feature articles, comics and book reviews in various media. He lives with his wife and daughter in London.  Visit markvictoryoung.com for more details.

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